Box and Office 365 Integration Challenges and Opportunities

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.26.58 PM
Microsoft has done a great job of not being so much of a walled garden anymore (see Microsoft at Apple’s keynote, etc.). But they still have a bit to go when it comes to integrating with other cloud services.
Case in point, the challenge with using other EFSS providers, other than OneDrive, and Office 365.
This article has a bit of a Box tinge to it, but just replace Box with Syncplicity, Sharefile, or any of the other EFSS leaders, and you pretty much have what you need to push Microsoft to do the right thing.
Ok, let’s get started…
What works well
  • Editing files from Box web UI allows users to open files in Online versions of Word  / PowerPoint and Excel
  • Box for Office toolbar for Box allows users to Share / Upload net new and existing Office documents from their PC
What doesn’t work well
  • Net new Word/PowerPoint/Excel from O365 start with OneDrive storage by default
  • Save as from iPhone Office app only allows saving to OneDrive and Dropbox (see below)
  • Hiding OneDrive from O365 Sharepoint settings tenant yields the following UX change for the quick launch menu
Before hiding OneDrive from O365 Sharepoint settings 
After hiding OneDrive from O365 Sharepoint settings (note how Word / Excel / PowerPoint and OneNote Online tiles disappear)
  • Add Box as a quick launch Office 365 tile (see grey BOX tile in the middle, with OneDrive turned on) in O365. Unfortunately, can only add this tile on a per user basis. Need to have MSFT allow admins to propagate custom app tiles, like Box, to all tenant users. Need to also have MSFT allow hiding of OneDrive tile only and keep Word / Excel / PowerPoint Online tiles active
  • Net new Word/PowerPoint/Excel Online documents CAN be initiated from Dropbox (see below). MSFT should be able to add Box as a net New in Box option for new blank documents initiated from Office Online. 
  • Existing Word/PowerPoint/Excel Online documents CAN also be opened directly from Dropbox (see below). MSFT should be able to add Box as an option to allow users to open content from Box from within Office Online apps. 
  • iOS apps can Add a Place to store content into Dropbox. MSFT should be able to add Box as an option in the Add a Place iOS Connect as a Cloud Service menu for Office 365 Mobile apps. 
  • Net new iOS Office apps still default to OneDrive storage if AutoSave is on. But if AutoSave is off, can save file to alternative Storage. Does MSFT have a policy that can disable AutoSave on Office Mobile apps, that can also be managed by InTune? Can MSFT set AutoSave to save to a default Storage provider?